Creating Connection :: Inspiring Change

CommunityWorks! was founded on the principles of collaborative circles and their transformative power. Bringing people together in face-to-face conversation bolsters individual and collective confidence to realize our tremendous agency as changemakers. 

What We Do ::

Building Community & Creating Agency

In our circles and events, the sense of helplessness and fear is replaced by hope and dreams as we work together as a community to take action and inspire change.

Nurturing Imagination

By cultivating a safe place for self-expression where our imaginations are allowed to flourish, we give voice to what we care about and what truly matters. 

One Dream at a Time

We host weekly circles and environmental and social justice events throughout the year. Together, we can begin to change the world one hope, one dream at a time.

Connect with CommunityWorks!

To contact us for more information or to receive notices of upcoming events email us at info@community.works

Making what seems impossible—possible.